This Is Where We Begin!


I can’t believe that I’m finally here! This has been a work in progress since October 2016. A project that I believed would take a ‘coupla weeks’, until I discovered exactly what was involved!

This has been a HUGE learning curve for me, and even though I’ve been blogging for about 6 years, I came into this with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about creating and building a website. My best friends have been youtube and google throughout the entire process. The support and encouragement from my Adoring Husband and friends and family, has been my nourishment and sometimes was the only thing that kept me going. Some days were diamonds and some days were stone.

But here I am!!

Tah Dah!!!!!

I have chosen a word for 2017.

I’ve been choosing words for my years since 2014 – that year I chose ‘PEACE’. We’d had a particularly difficult 2013, during which time, Adoring Husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and a week later, our home was partially destroyed by a tornado during cyclone Oswald’s trip along the Queensland coast. Our car was badly damaged and our camper van was smashed by debris as well. It was almost six months before our house was fully repaired. We’d had fights with the insurance company, and we both suffered from PTSD. It was a bad year. So I focused on bringing ‘PEACE’ into our lives in 2014.

I was doing just great until Adoring Husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Ugh.

Anyway, we survived all of that and Adoring Husband came through it with flying colours, so perhaps the focus on ‘PEACE’ helped in that respect.

This year, my word is ‘INSPIRE’.

I want to inspire others and I also want to BE inspired.

THAT is what Romance Your Life is all about. Inspiring others to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves possible.

So let’s get this party started!

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Let’s do this!

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