Let’s Get Arty

Being arty farty and crafty can be a tricky business!

I have recently joined a group of wonderful ladies for art classes on Saturday mornings. Our teacher is amazing with years of skill, talent and experience to share with us all. She is very patient and tolerant of our cheekiness and stubbornness and I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this class. She teaches us in her studio which is situated in a shed in her back yard and we spend three hours being creative and artistic while laughing hysterically at ourselves.

My first project was a clay bust, which is not finished yet because it needs to be fired in a kiln. My second project is a clay tile which is only half complete at the moment.

So the only photo that I can share with you is a partially complete clay bust.


By next month, I should be able to show you the process by sharing the photos that I took from day one.

In the meantime, I thought I would write here briefly so that I can finally launch my website and take on the world!

Please come again!