A Simple Editing Tip

Romance Your Life with Roz has been in existence for a couple of months and during this time I have been struggling with time management and prioritising!

This morning I decided that it was time to add a simple photography tip for everyone who wants to play around with editing.

There are so many different editing programs out there. Some that you pay for and some that are free. Some have some free basic features, but when you want to get into the better stuff, you need to hand over your dollars.

My favourite free editing program is Picmonkey.com and I’ve been using it for as long as it has been around. I pay for the premium package, but there are lots of free effects, filters, fonts, touch ups, overlays, frames, textures and basic editing like cropping, exposure, rotating, colour saturation, sharpen/clarity and resizing.

It’s a great program for practising with and when you decide that you want to get serious, you can research all the other programs available.

Another free program that I use sometimes is fotor.com and I haven’t used it, but canva.com is another that I know about.

Most computers have their own editing program. All of my computers are Apple and they have a photos application with basic editing attached. This is what I have used for the photos that I’m about to show you.

While browsing through my library, I found a bunch of old photos from a few years ago, which I will definitely spend more time on in the future, but I wanted to show you how you can take one photo and with some cropping and filters, you can create so many different images.

This is the original image …

Photography and You


Using the cropping tool…

you can create any number of different images from the one image, and by adding a filter or changing your photo to black and white, you can add mood and a completely different feel to your photo.


This might not work on photos taken with your phone or tablet because there aren’t a lot of pixels to play with, but if you have a DSLR camera, download some of your images and play with them in your editing program.

There is no wrong way to do it, so just try lots of different crops.

There is a general rule with photography called ‘the rule of thirds’ where you try to place the point of interest on one of the points …

As an example, in my black and white photo, the python’s face is on the bottom left cross of the rule of thirds grid. In the close-up shot, the face is on the bottom right cross.

Once upon a time, photographers were very pedantic about these rules, but these days, just about anything goes. If you’re unsure, then the rule is a good guide.

So go and play!

If you’re feeling pleased with your work and want to share, please feel free to come to my Facebook page and share it with me! 


Photography and You

Do you fancy yourself as a photographer?

Have you been told by friends and family that you have a good eye?

Do you have a truckload of photos from holidays, celebrations and special occasions that include some amazing shots, but also some disappointing images that had the potential to be show stoppers?

Well, in my future posts here, I will provide you with hints and tips that should reduce the number of disappointing images that you add to your library and help you improve your photographic success rates.

I have been a keen photographer for about 8 years. I’ve won awards and competitions as well as experiencing the highlight of my photography life in September 2012, when I was invited by my friend and well respected award winning artist, Jackie Brennan, to share a month long exhibit at Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough.

Between the two of us, we filled two galleries in the building. I showcased about sixty of my images, ranging from still life to landscapes to wildlife and birdlife.

It was a year in the making and I have never been so nervous in my life! But it was a huge success. We were told that it broke crowd records for opening night and I sold a good number of my photos.

People actually travelled from all over Queensland to attend, not just the opening night, but to view my work during the month.

It was such an exciting time and I learnt a lot from the experience.

So, I’d like to think that we have a bright photographic future together and I’m experienced enough to give you some pretty good tips over time!

I hope to run monthly photography competitions on my Facebook page and there will be a flickr group where we can all share our photos and provide feedback to each other.

When you subscribe to this website (go find that yellow button!), you will not only have access to my free e-book “The Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your *happy*”, but you will also receive an invitation to the Romance Your Life photography group in Flickr.

Any camera will do, whether it’s a little digital point and shoot, an expensive flashy DSLR or even your phone camera. Let’s build a happy tribe of budding photographers and see what wonders we can produce!

Happy snapping! 


Squeeeeeeee!! It’s the yellow button!!

Squeeee!! It’s the magic yellow button!!